Floral Artisans


Scentiments is well known in the Cotswolds for its high-end floral work. They needed a website that was a true reflection of their attractive shop in Tetbury.

Brochure Website
Intuitive content editor

Giving the right impression

The previous website had not been touched for many years and it was giving new visitors the wrong impression of the business.
Duck On Water worked closely with the Scentiments team and photographer to craft a new website that truly reflected the businesses image today.

Mobile is King

As the majority of internet usage in the UK is now on a mobile phone or tablet (Scentiments run their whole business via iPad) it was vital that the website performed well on both types of devices.

Digital Shop Front

The site is designed to be an extension of the Scentiments high street shop. Its function is not to sell directly to visitors but instead to form a good first impression and allow prospective customers to quickly see what they provide and allow them to get in contact or visit the shop.

Fresh Business

Keeping your website current is vital to keep new customers engaged. Scentiments is doing this.
We recommend checking out their business and drop into the shop.