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Our approach results in a website that is truly unique to your business and includes all the necessary features to support your present and future needs as your business grows.

No two businesses are the same, as such no two websites should be the same. A website should immediately give visitors a clear impression of the business. The "what who, what and how do I get in touch?"

Whilst attractive things draw attention, practicality and functionality are where you will truly engage visitors.
If a person struggles to use your site, they are getting a bad impression of your business and so will be less likely to contact your business.

We offer two types of WordPress websites:

Off-The-Shelf Website

We use this term to describe WordPress themes that have already been created. With these sites, we take a premium theme (we have a collection of trusted themes we have used for years) and work with you to customise it to your business's branding and specific features needed for the site.

The end result is a site that is unique to your business but at a lower cost due to the reduced amount of work involved.

We recommend this for start-ups or businesses with a basic online presence.

The average starting price is: £3000+

Bespoke Website

We design and build your new website from the ground up. Working closely with you we go through the whole design process together creating a site that accurately conveys your brand and meets the needs and requirements of your customer/client base.

This results in a website that's truly unique to your business that has all the features that you require now and in the future as your business grows.

We recommend this for businesses that already have established websites that are now looking to take things to the next level.

The average starting price: £5000+

Why use WordPress?

Easy to use

WordPress is a powerful content management system (CMS) that supports user-friendly visual editors which allows users of all technical abilities to easily manage their own website.

Trusted Platform

Being open source means literally thousands of web developers are constantly working on improving the CMS. As a result, any security risks are identified quickly and WordPress is then patched with a fix automatically.

Secure Updates & Backups

WordPress relies on plugins to add functionality. Like smartphone applications plugins need to be updated regularly to be kept secure and to take advantage of the latest features.
In just a few clicks you can update plugins, themes and WordPress. All with the safety net that you can roll back using a backup should something go awry.

Unmatched Flexibly 

Using the right WordPress theme and plugin selection can allow you to evolve your website over time. For example, you could have a simple brochure site in which you would like to add a password-protected client-only area. This can be made possible by adding a single plugin.
Many of our clients have expanded the functionality of their websites over the years using themes and plugins, all without the need to scrap everything and start from scratch.

Search Engine Optimised

We use RankMath on all our WordPress sites. It is unmatched for SEO features and once set up automates important features like a site map (this tells Google what pages to add to their search results).

In-depth Analytics

All our websites are set up with Google Analytics (GA). We make sure that GA is configured correctly both on Google's side and on the website. This ensures that all the important user tracking works correctly.
Data on how visitors reach your website and how they engage with it is essential to any successful website.

We also provide guidance on how to read the analytics collected.

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If you have an existing WordPress site or require a new website using WordPress, please get in touch.

We are always keen to talk about WordPress and how it can benefit businesses.