Google Virtual Tours

Not your regular virtual tours! Google Street View tours with overlays incorporating navigation, photos, videos, web links, and "calls-to-action".

Duck On Water has worked with Justin Short of Shortwork Photography for many years on a wide variety of successful client projects.

Justin has been a pioneering Google Street View trusted photographer since 2013. Specialising in crafting spectacular virtual tours for all kinds of businesses, elevating their Google Business listing and integrating the tours into their websites.

Justin Short - Shortwork Photography
Justin Short - Shortwork Photography

Example Virtual Tour

Google virtual tours offer fully immersive 360º experiences and are hosted on the world's largest search engine. Having a Google tour for your business can significantly increase engagement, allowing you to showcase your facilities and features to customers around the clock. It's like having a virtual open day every day.

Shortwork specialises in creating custom overlays that align with your brand and effectively direct customers to the areas you want to emphasise. These overlays are searchable by Google, contributing positively to your SEO efforts, and can also be experienced in virtual reality (VR).

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Virtual tours can be embedded into any kind of website and linked up to your Google business listing.
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