Classic country estate with modern audience

Being a historical landmark it was important to maintain the connection with the past as well as the modern usage of the Mansion and it’s grounds.

Multifaceted Estate

The estate has many sides to it, from the Mansion and it’s working farms through to it’s country sports and music festivals. There was a lot to showcase.

We opted to divide the different aspect of the estate into their own sections on the website. This makes it easier for the user and allows better targeting of specific demographics. For example, users looking for details on shooting are likely to be different to those searching for music festival information.


Client Managed Website

To make the most of a content managed site you need good tools at your disposal. With this project we built a visual composer into the website which allows easy editing of page content. This feature is very empowering for the website admin as it allows a tremendous amount of freedom in page layouts.

charlton estate editor