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Oasis Events

Multi-award winning business, Oasis Events specialises in producing extraordinary bespoke events. Transforming venues from ordinary places into extraordinary spaces.

Bespoke Design

Multimedia Website

Mobile First Layouts

Dynamic Content

A Showcase For Creativity

Oasis Events is renowned in the events industry for coming up with fantastical and awe-inspiring events. As such we designed their website to make the imagery the main focus.

We designed and built the website from the ground up to incorporate all the tools that they need in order to showcase images and video. The site allows for easy curating of the content of the website by the client without technical knowledge.


"Always helpful and ready to suggest new ways to keep our website clean fresh. Well versed in the behind-the-scenes tech too. Thank you, Duncan and team."

Mark Fremantle - Oasis Events

Mobile First

The layout and design of the site were created first for mobile devices then upwards in device screen sizes. In doing so it ensures that the design works on all popular screen sizes. Given that the majority of internet usage is on mobile phones, it is now essential to design and build this way.

Varied Demographic

Oasis Events cater for absolutely everyone so it was important that the website was appealing and easy to use for a wide range of ages and backgrounds.

Visually Exciting

A whole host of images, interactive elements and videos are available on the site. We recommend you take a look and explore the world of Oasis Events!