WordPress CMS

About WordPress

WordPress is one of the most flexible Content Management Systems available and powers 28.9% (at time of writing, keeps going up!) of websites on the internet.
WooCommerce (the plugin that turns WordPress into an e-commerce platform) powers more than 30% of all online stores!.

We have been working with it for many years from when it first began as a simple blogging platform to today's powerful CMS's.

As well as being experienced in WordPress itself, we have an extensive knowledge of various plugins that can add all kinds of functionality to the WordPress core. From search engine optimisation to security, booking systems and shopping carts.

WordPress Security

To install WordPress on a web server is a fairly easy process these days, especially with lots of services doing it for free. However, setting up a WordPress install is only part of the process, there are multiple security issues with a 'standard install'. It is important to understand how to secure a WordPress website, otherwise your site maybe open to attacks from hackers. Like all Content Management Systems, WordPress has had its fair share of attacks. However with the correct security in place you can help protect your website from hacking attempts.

Security is something that I am very passionate about as a hacked website can affect a business's reputation, Google will block your website if it has been infected with Malware! I can advise on and implement security for your WordPress website so that you can guard against such attacks, thus protecting your business's online reputation.